Rogue Valley locals are familiar with Jacksonville's iconic Britt Festival, an outdoor music venue currently in its 55th season. One of the Britt traditions is to select a local artist to create a piece of fine art to be used for the season's commemorative poster; they auction off the original and produce posters for sale in order to raise funds as a non-profit. This year's just released poster is Arcadian Triptych by Jamie McPartland, a mixed media piece - portions of which are seen on the cover of the 2017 playbill (above).

Like Ms. McPartland, last year I submitted a proposal after seeing the call for entries from the organization on-line. I submitted digital images of my art quilts along with a thumbnail sketch and description of my vision for their project. They were intrigued enough to invite me in for an interview and to see the works in person. And, of course I was thrilled to hear that I was one of three they had narrowed it down to.

The committee decided that instead of limiting their selection to one, they would book further out, and I was contracted to produce the Britt Quilt for 2018 (not the original 2017 they called for).

With more time on the horizon than originally planned, I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to chronicle my artistic process, the best response I have for those who have asked me to teach my technique.

So this blog will be where I share my art quilt process and you can follow along with my progress. Keep in mind that the traditional unveiling is part of the Britt experience, and I am prohibited from revealing too much of the piece ahead of time. I won't be able to post many photos of the actual quilt until after they have the official unveiling in spring 2018. But I hope you'll stick around and watch the process unfold over the next 9 months. My deadline is March bringing me to my favorite motto: No deadline, no commitment.